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Personalized Sessions For Every Athlete.

NLS sets out to provide a unique, personalized, and development-driven training environment for all of our athletes. Encompassing and prioritizing the technical, tactical, physical, and mental development every athlete, NLS is proud to provide personalized individual development plans specialized to develop each unique athlete.

Each training session with every athlete revolves around a personalized Individual Development Plan (IDP) that includes a player's strengths, super strengths, areas of growth, and short and long-term development targets. In addition to verbal feedback, players then receive written feedback based on training objectives connected to their short and long-term targets.

In our High School & Fall Prep Programs for players who wish to enter their competitive Fall seasons with an edge, NLS also offers tactical zoom (virtual) sessions on top of on-field training breaking down both player's film (if applicable) and professional film related to their position and personal targets to better develop their tactical understanding.

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Sandra, Parent

"My 9 year-old trained with Luke. He really enjoyed it and would constantly ask when his next session would be. Luke is a positive trainer with such great energy. Never talks down to the kids. Constantly staying positive while getting the most out of the player. I cannot be more satisfied with the experience. I have already noticed a difference in my son’s playing style!
Thanks Coach Luke!
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