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The staple of NLS, the Prep program is a unique & personalized 1-on-1 summer training opportunity for players of all ages entering competitive Fall seasons

(High School, ECNL, MLS Next)

Flexible Scheduling, June 5th - August 11th

A unique weekly program that offers players the opportunity to develop, train, and prepare technically, tactically, physically, and mentally for their competitive fall seasons.

Entering into this program includes individual training sessions (based on personalized Individual Development Plan) with video tools, personalized video analysis zoom sessions, and a summer long fitness program.

60-Minute Individual Training Sessions

Individual Development Plan

Video Tools & Video Analysis

Video Analysis & Review Sessions

Offseason Fitness Program

Each week includes...


(2) 60-Minute Individual Training Sessions (Tues/Thur)

(1) Video Analysis Zoom Session (Sat)

Each session is crafted for every player based on personalized Individual Development Plans.

The goal of this program is to technically, tactically, physically, and mentally prepare every athlete for their competitive Fall seasons. Through 1-on-1 sessions, video tools capturing their performance, personalized Individual Development plans, virtual video analysis zoom sessions, and a summer long offseason fitness program -- NLS Fall Prep Program will prepare every athlete to compete.

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