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May 18th - August 14th


45-Minute, Personalized Training Sessions structured around a developed Individual Development Plan (IDP)


NLS offers Individual Training Sessions, which are 45-Minute, 1-on-1 personalized sessions designed for each player through their own unique Individualized Development Plan based off their technical, tactical, physical, and mental development.

Sessions are offered on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Location of each session will be communicated in advance.

The pricing of the Individual Training Sessions are as follows, with bundles available structured to offer discounted rates:

             Single Session                         $50.00


            4-Session Bundle                     $150.00 (save $50.00)


             6-Session Bundle                    $220.00 (save $80.00)





The Elite Preparation Program for HS players. Intense Individual & Group Sessions, and fitness regiment.

Single Week             available

4-Week Program     unavailable

8-Week Program     unavailable

NLS offers its unique High School Program for incoming First-Year, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior players of any gender looking to take the Summer to prepare techincally, tactically, physically, and mentally for the upcoming Fall season. Each component of the High School Program is tailored specifically for each individual based on position, personal goals, strengths, weaknesses, and other personalized factors.

The High School Program is structured that offers TWO Individual training sessions and ONE small-group training session each week. The two individual sessions will take place on a chosen scheduled time on Wednesday and Friday mornings. The small-group training sessions, which will include every athlete involved in the High School Program, will be scheduled at a set time on Saturday mornings and will be communicated in advance. The location of each individual and/or group session(s) will be communicated in advance.

All athletes, in addition to receiving on-the-pitch training, will also be given a personalized fitness plan to physically prepare the body for Varsity High School competition. The fitness plan is optional, and also may include at-home technical and tactical workouts to supplement the training received on the pitch.

All athlets will also be in direct communication with myself on a consistent basis to ensure they are following their program if they are committed to it, ensuring the body is prepared correctly prior to and after training, and to be given any post-training and weekly feedback.

The pricing for the High School Program is structured on a weekly basis and is offered in weekly bundles (there is no limit to how many weeks you choose to purchase throughout the Summer):

Single Week                         (3-Sessions Total)                 $120.00

*available until the last week of sessions, the week of August 8th*

4-Week Bundle Program      (12-Sessions Total)              $420.00 (save $60.00)


8-Week Bundle Program      (24-Sessions Total)              $800.00 (save $160.00)



60-Minute, Group Sessions focused on each individual player and overall team principles. 

Soccer Practice _edited.jpg

NLS offers Group Training Sessions, which are 60-minute sessions designed around each individual player in addition to overall team principles. Group sessions are offered on Saturdays. Group session date/times can be coordinated (more scheduling options may be discussed upon request).

The pricing of the Group Training Sessions are structured per individual player, which offer a heavily discounted price and savings in comparison to the standard individual training single-session price.

Single Session (per individual player)                         $20.00 (save $30.00 per session)


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